Pixel Warfare

Pixel_warfarePixel Warfare is a 3D shooting game created by Angel Hrisimov for PacoGames. Hrisimov is an independent developer who is also a part of the creative team at PacoGames. The game combines the best features of two popular games, Modern Warfare and Minecraft. Pixel Warfare allows the player to play battles like those in Modern Warfare while in a Minecraft-like universe.
In the game, a player is faced with a choice. He may choose to be on the good side or the bad side. The ultimate goal of the game is to kill all members of the opposing side. This is done by the use of weapons and the players can choose which weapons they want to use. Weapons options range from the humble crowbar to the destructive rocket launcher.

The battles between the good side and the bad side take place in battlefields which exist in rooms. Players can create their own rooms or they may join rooms that have already been created and where a specific battle is being waged. There are plenty of options available when creating a room. Players can pick the battlefield, the numbers of players as well as the type of weapons available.
The controls of the game are standard and easy to use. All movement is controlled by the WASD keys. Weapons can be chosen with the keys 1 through 6 and weapons can be reloaded by pressing the letter R. Pressing the tab key takes the player to the menu.
Pixel Warfare can be played as an interactive multiplayer game by creating a room where multiple players are allowed to join. In a multiplayer battle, real-time strategy becomes important adding to the enjoyment of the game. The ability to create elaborate battlefields and the first person perspective that is maintained throughout the game, make Pixel Warfare one of the most addictive shooting games currently available.